• A SmartTag is a specially designed key tag with a unique iButton identifier that can hold up to four keys, usually for a single apartment. The keys are attached relatively permanently via a non-removable rivet. A SmartTag and its four keys typically occupy a single key slot in the drawer.

    Our sleek euro-designed electronic SmartTags keep messy clusters of keys tucked neatly out of sight. The ergonomically-optimized SmartTags are unmarked and identified only by an electronic iButton chip on each tag with flashing neon-blue LED SmartTag-location indicators, which create a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. In addition, our custom-machined and stepped rivet sleeves make riveting of new keys to SmartTags a snap. Keys can be conveniently returned to any slot in any drawer.

    Standard Blue SmartTags are included in your KeyLink system purchase.  However, Red and Yellow SmartTags are also available at an additional cost if you wish to customize or distinguish certain keys for faster identification in case of an emergency, for example. 

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