Radiator Labs - Smart Radiator Enclosures

Radiator Labs - Smart Radiator Enclosures

  • Welcome to steam heat for the 21st century!


    The Radiator Labs mission is to eliminate overheating in steam heated buildings. By incorporating radiator-level control with real-time data visualization we can eliminate billions in wasted fuel, all while providing comfort and control to residents for the first time in a building’s history.


    The Cozy is a smart insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators. When the system senses that a room needs heat, a small fan turns on to circulate warm air throughout the room.The Cozy is easy to install and requires no contact with plumbing or steam.

    In building-wide installations, our system redistributes steam flow transferring wasted heat from overheated rooms to colder rooms, saving up to 40% in heating costs annually.

    Better yet – The Cozy finally enables tenants in steam-heated buildings to control their own apartment temperature by installing an app for iOS or Android devices. The Cozy is cool to touch so tenants can even use it as a shelf!

    Result: Increased tenant comfort & functionality, reduced energy costs & emissions.


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    Comfort – Temperature Stabilization at the end point:


    Conditions that can be detected:


    Tracked Metrics:




    Adding of additional Phase-Change heat-sink material:


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