Amazon Dottie - Plug-in Outlet Wall Mount - for Echo Dot

  • What is a THIS Dottie? 
    - The THIS Dottie is an electrical outlet wall mount specifically designed to enable you to mount your for your Amazon Echo Dot in any room in your home or office. 
    Fits the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation only

    - Includes THIS Dottie x 1, USB power adapter x 1 and micro USB cable x 1. Echo Dot is NOT included

    - Holds your Echo Dot out the way by mounting directly to an ordinary electrical wall outlet

    - No counter or table space required, the THIS Dottie eliminates the need for furniture on which to place your Dot

    THIS Dottie Highlights

    - Attractive design, no no drilling, tools required, no wall damage, and most importantly no furniture necessary!

    - Hides cables and adapter in a sturdy, sleek, one-piece ABS plastic design which can be mounted in an Up or Down configuration

    - Side-mounted positioning improves Echo Dot microphone array sensitivity and playback

    - No-tools-required installation

    - Attractive, decorative design for your home or office

    What can you do with a THIS Dottie? 

    Simply insert your Echo Dot into a THIS Dottie and plug into any electrical outlet to Alexa-enable any room in your home or office in seconds!

    - Outlet mounting with a THIS Dottie in your kitchen makes your Echo Dot less-likely to be subject to messy spills or cord-related 'accidents'. No more need to raise your voice to ask Alexa in some other room to set a timer, suggest a recipe, or to tell you how many cups in a quart; just speak softly as your Echo Dot will only be a whisper away.

    - Your living room and bedrooms can utilize a THIS Dottie to give you the freedom to mount your Echo Dot along any wall with an electrical outlet, without taking up space on night stands, end tables or credenzas. No more long cord to get in your way, while the unique outlet mounting allows for enhanced room coverage from your Echo Dot.

    - In your master bathroom,THIS Dottie keeps your Dot out of the way, allowing you to listen to an audible book or play music while you tend to even your most private needs.

    - Even working in the garage got a whole lot more exciting, as a THIS Dottie mount lets you position your Echo Dot so you can still play music, talk to friends and even 'drop-in' on someone in another room of your house to bring you Band-Aids when using Alexa’s intercom feature.

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