Printers for Resident Passports

How would I go about printing my Resident Passport cards?

Passports can either be printed locally at your building on one of several ID-card printers we support, or we can print them for you as needed, in our BuildingLink offices, and mail them to you every two weeks.  

Tell me more about Local Card Printing!

Local card printing has some noteworthy advantages, and is the option we recommend for most of our new clients who are interested in resident passports.  You just need to download (at no charge) our proprietary “CardLink by BuildingLink” software which talks to your BuildingLink database and to your printer, and makes the actual printing simple and quick. By printing the cards on-site at your building, management gains greater control and serviceability, and residents can receive their cards immediately upon moving in or signing a lease.

How much does Local Printing cost?

The software to print locally and the professional design of your cards comes at no additional cost to BuildingLink subscribers. There is a one-time cost in purchasing a quality laminate card printer ($2,500 - $5,000, depending on the model), as well as the purchase of your own printing supplies (blank cards and printer ribbons).  This breaks down to a printing cost of around $1/card which greatly reduces per-card costs and adds considerable convenience. Supplies can be obtained through our recommended vendor (who provides a discount to BuildingLink customers) or one of your choosing. 

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