All-in-One Touch Screen KeyLink Computer (only sold with a KeyLink System Purchase)

  • Touchscreen-friendly intuitive design makes the KeyLink system easy to learn, use, and teach when used with our included All-in-One Touchscreen PC. Use your fingers to navigate with natural, instinctive movements when registering, removing, and returning keys as well as working other KeyLink functionalities. Includes a number of touch-enabled applications and a touch-enabled Windows® 7, 8, or 10 operating system, which eliminates the need for a hard-drive tower.

    Please note that KeyLink and its PC are not sold as a standalone product – it is an add-on to our BuildingLink software platform.

    Also, due to the constant changes in technology hardware, if your KeyLink PC needs services/repairs or even a replacement in the future, we cannot guarantee that it would be the same model from your initial KeyLink installation.  Therefore, please do not build a custom space for it.  

    Alternatively, you can choose to opt out on the included KeyLink PC and use your own, so that it would fit your building/desk aesthetic criteria.  Just make sure that your own PC has these minimum specs (CPU: intel i5, RAM: 4GB, Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit)  to be compatible with the KeyLink software.  If you choose this option, then we will apply a $500 credit on your KeyLink invoice upon system delivery, but we cannot service or repair your PC if it breaks down, requires services, etc.  You will have to consult your own IT personnel.

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