ImageR by BuildingLink package-scanning solution

  • Introducing: ImageR by BuildingLink - your new, AI-powered, single-step, package-scanning solution!

    Using your Android device and the latest release of our GEO app with ImageR (now in the Google Play store), you and your staff can now enter packages in one simple step - using nothing more than your smartphone camera!  ImageR will shrink your package-logging time from 45 seconds to as little as 8 seconds!

    How does it work? Watch this short video (you'll be very glad you did!)

    Q: Isn’t this pretty much what a barcode scanner does?
    A: Not at all! A barcode scanner just captures the barcode. ImageR pulls in all information and matches it to your resident database.
    Q: Can I still use the full version of the site while using ImageR?
    A: Of course! ImageR can be used in conjunction with the site, or on it’s own!

    ImageR™ only works on Android devices as it uses Google Play Vision which is the OCR software used to create the feature. All you need is Wi-Fi in your building and a few pieces of equipment:

    Check out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about ImageR here!

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